2010-07-24 01:32:13 (UTC)

Random day

stayed up till 3 am this am because I work 7pm-7am. I
couldn't sleep anymore after 11am this morning. I went to
the gym and ran 3 miles. Still tired. I need to go have
jake change my oil and take the car into the shop and see
why it "kicks back". while I waited I went over to grandma
J's house and helped my in-lawns clean. I can't believe all
the junk but it will eventually get cleaned up and the dust
will decrease and breathing in there will be easier on

I left the shop at 4:15pm, went home and showered, and now
I am at work till 7:30 tomorrow morning. My parents will be
driving up to visit tomorrow afternoon thought I wish they
would come on Sunday so I can go to church in Templeton.