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Camel and Desert Safari Tour in Rajasthan

Safari tour is a popular adventure ride in desert land of
Rajasthan. Camel safari and desert safari are very popular
activities to enjoy in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the single
state with desert terrain in India. People from all corners
of the country and from abroad visit Rajasthan to enjoy a
portion of their lives in desert. The travelers love to take
camel ride as it provides a sense of adventure to them.

To enjoy camel safari and desert safari, tourists plan
Rajasthan Desert Tour as these safaris are popular mainly
near Thar Desert region and not in all part of Rajasthan.
So, visit regions around Thar and enjoy the adventure of
safari tour. Jodhpur, Bikaner and Jaisalmer are situated in
and around Thar Desert and offer great opportunities for
safari tour.

Jaisalmer is the best place to enjoy Rajasthan Camel Safari.
This city is located amidst of Thar Desert and camel is the
main means of transportation there. Visit Jaisalmer and
embark desert tour sitting on camel back. Visit the interior
region of Thar to get a panoramic glimpse of the beautiful
golden landscape. Taking a step further, you can visit Sam
sand dunes. It is very popular dune area and is worth to be
visited. The stunning shape of the sand dunes will leave you
bewildered and you cannot stop yourself from admiring the
creation of nature. Tourists can also interact with the
rural inhabitants of Thar region and get familiar with the
tough lifestyle in the sunny and heat stroking climatic
conditions. Apart from exploring the deserts of Jaisalmer,
tourists can also visit Jaisalmer Fort, havelis and parks of

Bikaner and Jodhpur are also famous for camel safari. Enjoy
camel ride to visit the forts and mansions of the place.

Apart from camel and desert safari, Rajasthan is also famous
for tiger safari. The national parks of Rajasthan are rich
in tiger populations and offer opportunities to enjoy tiger
safari. Sariska National Park and Ranthambhore National Park
are two famous destinations where tourists can enjoy tiger
safari tour. Ranthambhore National Park is very famous for
tiger. High density of tiger population is found in the
park. The population of the tiger in the park can be guessed
from the fact that tigers can be easily spotted even during
day hours. This park is situated in Sawai Madhopur,
Rajasthan. You can easily visit the place as it is easily
connected to major cities by train route.

In addition to desert, safari tours and wildlife, Rajasthan
is also rich in culture and tradition, forts and palaces,
past glory and splendid history and many more aspects. It
has many other features to entertain tourist and is,
therefore, a very popular tourist hub. To explore the
majesty of Rajasthan, it is better to travel Rajasthan with
a proper Rajasthan India Travel Guide. This travel guide
will help you visit all famous and noteworthy destinations
with an ease.

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