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2010-07-22 23:45:52 (UTC)

Signed on the dotted line.

Well, I signed my lease yesterday. So I'm committed for at
least a year. Landlord seems very cool. I checked with the
Ex to see if she wants the kids to enroll in my school
district. It's way better than the crappy area she is at.
Amazingly, she said yes. So I set up an appt with the
school. I give it 50-50 that she will show up.

I almost forgot. I move in on July 25th. That's when my rent
starts anyway but I will still stay here for awhile and move
my stuff in phases. This means I'm pretty dang tired and
lazy. I just hate moving. Everything is a mess when you pack
and then the mess transfers to the new place. lol.

I need to get rid of a bunch ofstuff. I really don't have a
choice since I'm downsizing from 2700 sq ft to a 1600 ft
home. Sigh..... Oh well, I'll buy again in 2-3 yrs.

There are some perks to renting. It will take a phone call
to get things fixed instead of going to Lowes or Home Depot
to get the broken parts and spending a day fixing whatever
it is that needs fixing.

If I have an asshole neighbor? No problemo. Let the lease
run out and move outta Dodge. If the neighbor is a cute
single hottie? Well, I guess I will just have to stay I know I won't ever have that kind of luck. My
neighbor will probably be some lonely Grandma that I will
have to chat with from time-to-time just to be polite.

It's a little past midnight so I guess I can say thank God
it's Friday. Talking about Fridays, we no longer have
furlough Fridays in CA anymore. This mean I get a full
paycheck in August!! Woo hoo!!! I forgot how much it will be
but I think it's close to 900 more a month.

Getting hard thinking about it!!!lol.

Got an email from one of the single parents in our group.
She is cute. We've been chatting for awhile now. I didn't
think I stood a chance but she is starting to initiate
communication with me now. I notice she stares a little
longer and it's not because I have a booger hanging in my
nose. I wonder how it would feel holding her and kissing
her? Hmmmm.

Funny thing is that I have only been intimate with my ex so
if and when it happens, I wonder if I will feel weird? I
mean, what mental issues will come up from making out with
someone else? Been with Ex for double digit years now.
Whatever happens, I just better not get limp when it counts.

I mean, I've been wanting some s-e-x for awhile now. It
better not fail me when the time comes. I guess it would
make a good commercial for that airline. "Wanna get away?". lol

That's all for now. All boring.. no drama. Typical day.

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