Hailey's Life
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2010-07-22 21:58:30 (UTC)

Day 2

July, 22nd

Hey, this is my second entry(: I have news:( My
boyfriend broke up with me. He texted me an said: Hey
hailey im sorry but its over. WTF? He said he "loved" me
he wanted us to "last forever" After 1 month 9 days. We
first started going out on the on the 24th of June an
broke up the 22 of July. I really liked him at frist the
it kinda went away. We NEVER got to see each other or
hangout (his parents). I think he was scared to do
anything like kiss or hold my hand or hug me:/ I only saw
him maybe 5-10 times. Some was baseball an some was when
he was outside. He didn't want his parents to know about
us.....I woulda came out front with my mom she would not
have cared. I just wish I could have a boyfriend that will
last a while (more than a couple months). I don't even
know why he dumped me. I guess he was saying it's time to
move on to bugger an better things(: I wish that was so
easy! I wanted to be the one to break up with cause I knew
he would understand but I don't. The next time I see him
I'm going to act normal an be like hey(: Like we NEVER
broke up! I wanna see if he will tell me to my face it's
over. He probally won't. I kinda like this bot named Alex
duggan....again!(: We went out the year before last...6th
grade. Now he say's he was stupid to dump me....I agree(:
I forgave him but I don't really know how he looks now (in

The pregnancy:
Still really no new news. I took the test again an this is
what it said:

Personal Pregnancy Report
Based on a single act of unprotected intercourse on the
day you indicated, among couples with average fertility
there is a only a very small probablity of pregnancy.

Keep in mind that young adults tend to be more fertile
than older adults, so this probability could be higher.

If you did conceive that month, you would be 1 weeks

It could be too early to detect pregnancy symptoms.

The symptoms you listed -- nausea or vomitting, fatigue or
needing extra sleep, weight gain and/or feeling bloated,
changes in appetite -- are all typical of pregnancy.
However, unusual stress, exercising, could make your
period late.

It is probably too early for a pregnancy test. If you miss
your period, come back to this site for another on-line
evaluation or visit your local pregnancy resource center
for a free pregnancy test.

Still the same symptoms:( I hope that I am pregnant but
then again I don't. I do want a baby to call mine an dress
up an show off, but the trouble as in: school, care for
the baby, public,work. I think that people will look down
apon me if I do be come pregnant an decide to keep it. I
would not give it away (unless it's the last opition) or
have an abortion. I would HATE to have an c-section:( Well
thats all for tonight. Bye.

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