2010-07-22 15:59:04 (UTC)

bring on stress!

Had to give hours to work at work kinda on the spot last
night. I didn't have my calendar so I was going off the
top of my head. I got home from work last night around
12:45 am when I checked my calendar and realized that one
of the dates I told my boss (who hates me) I could work I
actually have a wedding that has been planned for over a
year to go to. Stressed out about Jake getting upset and
another arguement to brew I decide not to wake him and
tell him tomorrow so I can brace myself for another
argument that I am selfish or whatever (though it was an
honest mistake) I crawled into bed around 1:15 am. I drank
too much water on my way home so I found myself taking
trips to the ladies room every 2 hours or so. I was awake
when Jakes alarm clock went off at 7:00. I told him about
my mistake and well I got my ass handed to me.

I will e-mail my boss and try and fix it. ugg. So I went
back to sleep for a couple hours until she wakes me up
again by hollaring at me to get up right this second and
come down stairs because he has muddy boots on and he
demands me to jump now. Irritated I get up. He tells me
that I need to make a decision right now on who I want my
durable power of attorney to be. WTF!! OUT OF THE BLUE!
With further investigation of the subject, since grandma
is in the hospital and george is working on the DPOA with
the lawyer he wanted to know who mine would be: though
what he meant is he wanted his parents to make my life
decisions if I were unable to do so. He seemed actually
irritated when I said I wanted my parents to make
decisions for me if jake was unable to. Jake then proceeds
to say that they have to make me one TODAY! Ok this is
something that everyone needs to think about but please, I
need to get my parents into signing some forms. to shut
him up I temporarily agreed for george to be my DPOA if me
and jake are unable to make decisions.

In addition I need to get a life insurance policy and
living will made out on myself but Its seems so final, I
am superstitious in the aspect that I would fill it out
and then something would happen to me.