Little Secrets
2010-07-21 17:24:33 (UTC)

You are so beautiful ♥

Think of one of the most beautiful things you have seen in
your life. Maybe it was a kind of flower, a breath taking
sunset, or the precious face of your new born child. Think
of the joy that overwhelmed you.
To have something that beautiful in your life is a
blessing. Did you ever thank God for some of these things?
Did you ever realize that God was the reason behind
everything that happens in your life?
i can truthfully say, that I would thank God for the better
things in life. Whenever something went wrong, I would ask
God why he would put me through the pain, agony, and doubt.
At a point in my life, I stopped my relationship with Him.
I became so selfish, that I pushed my Savior, who died just
so I could live..away.
It took a lot of events in my life to make me realize what
I have done. Once I opened my heart and soul to God, I
began to see the true value and beauty of my life.
My change of heart has made my life beautiful. I have a
more positive attitude, nothing bothers me, and I wake up
every morning with a smile across my face. But, even the
most perfect days can end in rain. you ca backslide in the
faith really easy. But God is there to open your eyes
again. Whenever your eyes are open, it's like sunlight
shining on your face.
Visualize yourself blind folded and thrown into a room. You
take the blind fold off of your eyes and yousee nothing but
darkness. Cold, stone walls surround you. A heavy, metal
door is the only way to salvation.
You would feel...alone...wouldn't you?
That's what life is like without the goodness of god.
Visualize yourself sitting in the same room, when someone
swings open the door, and you see the light of day. That
breath taking moment whenever you know you're...alive.
That's life with God. The way you feel when you realize how
great God is, is more than words could ever say. you have
to experience it yourself, to the the true feelings.