Lunacy Fringe
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2010-07-21 09:31:40 (UTC)

Looking Up

So, things sure have been something close to better.

I really just hate being negative, I feel it brings others
down. Which, ya it does.

So, this past weekend, was yet another party. At this party
there was obscene drinking, swimming drunk with a lot of my
close friends, it was definitly amazing. And then came
sleeping arangements. I always end up on the floor so I said
fuck it, and stole someones bed.

Lucky for me, the dude that I like, the bi or gay one,
decided to share it with me. Nothing happened between us
but.. he is an abusive sleeper!!

And he basically cuddled with me most of the night, it was
ridiculous and made me feel a bit stressed, with bad
thoughts in my head. What else can you think about with an
attractive guy all up in your grillz? Lol

Anyway, I didnt sleep that night.

My Father recently revealed to me his horrendous past.
Turns out his brother not only molested, but raped him on
countless occasions as a child. This would I guess explain
his abusive tendencies.

His own brother. I didnt really know what to say to that.

It seems we all have some hidden shit about us that no one
really can understand. Or things you dont want someone else
to know.

Anyway, hopefully things can go up more.

Im hoping to try acid this weekend. Im slightly nervous
about it but i could use some fun, other than the smae ole.

Lets see how this turns out.

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