Hailey's Life
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2010-07-21 07:19:57 (UTC)

Day 1

July, 21st

Hey, I'm Hailey. I'm 13. I think I might be pregnant.
I had my period on the 11th a Sunday. The day I had sexual
contact was the 17th a Saturday. I'm still trying to get
help with figuring out if I'm pregnant. When we had sex
his penis didn't go in all the way so I don't know
wheither to count it as I did it or we didn't get that
far. I have the fallowing early pragnancy sypmtoms:
Nausea, fatigue or needing extra sleep, weight gain and
feeling bloated, and changes in appetite. I have been
having headache, earache, and jaw soreness.

July, 17th (The night)

That night I was sleeping in my dads living room, when
I was awoken by my cousion thouching my in privite area's.
I was thinking could this be considered rape? I rolled
over to make him stop, he went back over to the other
chouch. Later that night I was awoken again to him
humping me. I didn't want to make a sence I was afraid of
what would happen. So I tossed an turned....so he got up
an came back 5 minutes later, but this time he got on top
of me tring to hump me but his penis was on my breast. He
crushed me with every move. I turned so he would get off
but I was stuck. He got seman on my breast an in my bra.
He got off me then he went to go sit in the chair. He
started mastervating. He came back over to me an took my
hand an put it on his penis, he started to go up an down.
I jerked away. He ran back over to the chair thinking I
woke up. I did I went to the bathroom and washed off. I
fell back alseep he came back over an started fingering
me/ eating me out. I turned, he went to go sit back down,
he started mastervating. I fell back asleep, he came back
over, he stood there, then he sat down an mastervated some
more. I went back to sleep, when I woke up he had me in a
sex position. I could'nt move. I turned an he
put it half way in an humped, it kept coming out. It only
went in twice. About 20 minutes after that I got up an
went to the bathroom. I saw that my period sort of
stopped, I was scared. I know there's a saying popped
cherry, which refers to being a virgin or not. I
walked out of the bathroom an got something to drink an
went back to bed.

I'm so confused about the situation. If I am
pregnant I don't know how I'm going to tell my dad or
mom:/ I wish god could tell me what to do or if I'm
pregnant or not. The online pregnancy test said:

Personal Pregnancy Report
Based on a single act of unprotected intercourse on the
day you indicated, among couples with average fertility
there is a only a very small probablity of pregnancy.

Keep in mind that young adults tend to be more fertile
than older adults, so this probability could be higher.

If you did conceive that month, you would be 1 weeks

It could be too early to detect pregnancy symptoms.

The symptoms you listed -- nausea or vomitting, fatigue or
needing extra sleep, weight gain and/or feeling bloated,
changes in appetite -- are all typical of pregnancy.
However, exercising, could make your period late.

It is probably too early for a pregnancy test. If you miss
your period, come back to this site for another on-line
evaluation or visit your local pregnancy resource center
for a free pregnancy test.

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