2010-07-21 02:55:26 (UTC)

Nursing Home

Tonight jake and I find out that his grandma has to go to
a nursing home. jake's parents are fighting because mamma
in-law would have to take care of her and she doesn't want
me to take any responsibility and would rather grandma
live in a nursing home forever. jake's dad wants me and
mamma-in law to take care of grandma until she is able to
return to her usual self.

looking back...grandma told me that she takes a shower
once every 2 WEEKS!!! I went into her house tonight to
tidy up the place. Imagine someone who hoards things. this
lady had over 70 boxes of kleenexes alone scattered
throughout the house. you could only walk in paths through
the house. dust has been caked everywhere, cobwebs
dangling throughout the ceiling and over the kitchen
table. she has food that are dated all the way back to
1997. I started throwing stuff out that was expired and
dusting things that could be dusted off and jake walks in
and letures me about waiting until grandma was back to

I have absolutely NO say in her healthcare because I am
not her power of attorney, however, does it come a time
where the state should be involved in her plan of care
when it is cleary unsanitary to live there and she can not
obvioulsy care for herself.

Frustrated...what to do?? I feel like its none of my
business and I need to turn my head though my morals say I
need to fight for her well-being. Suggestions??