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2010-07-20 20:43:21 (UTC)

On a Tentative Step

On a tentative step
hurry brain ace spit hurricanes with the wind of his breath
send em his next coming wintermint fresh on a cinnamon clef
benefittin jess

first of all, well, the sentiment is bliss
I present her with a kiss as we simmerin the fish
I could feel a smile on the center of her lips
I could see the nile in the center of her hips
REAL; I don't gotta send her with a trip
SKILL, I don't gotta win her with a whip
STILL; she could be the one I got a taste for;
cake more give her something she aint gotta pay for

first off I aint gonna make money
Ace aint type gonna fornicate dummies
now I'm like right girl will you wait for me
you could work a job even though it pay crummy
you could be the one that the owner name honey
life aint paradise but it aint ugly