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2010-07-20 16:26:55 (UTC)

My typical Day

Life as a 26 year old "farm wife" who never grew up on a

I wake up between the hours of 5-7 with my better half to
the left side of me in our bed. I begin nudging his arm,
back repeatedly in 5 minute intervals until he finally
rolls out of bed to make the grand journey in his F350
super duty to go to the shop by 7:50am (He has to be there
before the hired men get there at 8:00. My mother in-law
has to teach me a whole lot more on bookwork before I can
do anything besides reconcile bank statements on
quickbooks. If she's feeling to risk-ay she may let me
make lunch and dinner for the guys.

I choose to stay at home instead of standing in the way of
everyone working and the clueless "farm wife" waits at
home (1/2 mile away from the shop). The rest of my day I
will spend cleaning, blogging (poor you guys for having to
read me bull shitting most of the day), and I do run most

I work 2 jobs as a nurse (as needed/relief) with one job
in critical care in our states capital. I deal with there
county hospital caring for those uninsured patients. The
drive is an 90 min drive. The other job I work is for a
nursing home (30 minute drive). I like the atmosphere at
the nursing home a little bit better but I feel like I
lose my skills. Why don't I get a full time job?? I know!
The one useful thing about me on the farm is that I can
drive a tractor. I spend my days during harvest driving
the tractor for 16-18 hours per day every day until
harvest is complete-it takes about 2 months. Most jobs
won't let you have off work for that long unless you have
been there years and you have accrued enough vacation
time. so I take numerous relief jobs and flex my hours
when needed and take what I can when needed.

my other half (lets call him jake instead of george)
doesn't get home until 4-11 pm depending on whats going
on. Since its summer, Jake has a lot of down-time and
spends most of his time shooting trap and skeet at the
shooting range. When he gets home, I will make supper for
us. we will spend our time together talking, watching tv.
doing whatever, shower, then off to bed. I miss him when
he's gone. Boy its sure good to seem him when we are
having our non-verbal attacking days. He is larry the
cable guy- Its really hard to even walk somedays because
he makes me laugh like no one else.

At least I can see him daily even if it is for a little
while. On our good days with him, life seems so normal. I
can't imagine being without him.

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