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2010-07-20 01:47:49 (UTC)

going crazy

im so sad i miss my dad so much i really need him back
so if you wanna know the story here it is....
so i have three brothers and one sister me and my
brother steven have the same dad and well my dad has two
kids with his wife that isnt my mom, a daughter and a
son.. well me and my brother have never been a big fan of
going to our dads he always take his wifes side and always
ignores us and we only see him every other weeekend... and
we told him that we would like to spend time with him then
his wife butts in and says he has to spend time with his
other kids too but he has every other time to spend time
with them..
so finally i had the guts to tell him we were tired
of being treated like crap over there and that we didnt
wanna go over there if we only were gonna be invisible.
whats the point of being there if nobody can see us?
so after that day he never seen us for like 6 months he
obviously didnt cared then one day he showed up on our
front porch i wanted to cry so bad. my brother got out
there and was so happy and well my mom pulled up in the
driveway and he asked them if we could go over to his
sisters house for a couple hours and we had so much fun we
played cards and we made dinner together watched t.v. made
fun of my brother. we had the best time i ever imagined.
it was the perfect day.then me and my brother kept
wondering when we would see him again.well the day that we
all had a great time him and his wife were fighting so she
has to be the reason why he hasnt been seeing us but he
should have the balls to come and see us he doesnt need a
signature for a permission slip. my mom grew up without a
dad and i see the way she hurts. i hate it.and its funnt
case the day that we came back from our aunts house she
said she was scared that our dad would just get up and
leave and i hated her for saying that and i told her thats
never gonna happen again and i feel so stupid because it
did happen. i listen to this song my little girl by tim
mcgraw and it reminds me of my dad. i miss him so much and
i wanna go over there but what difference will it make...
i dont know what to do should i go over there but i
shouldnt have to he should have o miss us were his kids he
helped create us why wont he play his part?

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