Nick's Journal
2010-07-19 19:55:14 (UTC)

Michael Jordan

i'm pretty sure that michael jordan is my favorite athlete
of all time. i was toying between him and tom brady. but
when it comes down to it. jordan prevails.

as of late, people have been crucifying lebron. jordan
himself finally came out at a golf tournament and said
pretty much what everybody knew anyhow: that he wouldn't
have teamed up with dwayne wade but wanted to beat the shit
out of him (on the court of course).

but to really appreciate jordan's greatness i present to you
the following link:

now a little bit of background on this situation. this was
the second round in the nba playoffs. the bulls were
defending champs and all around favorite. they breezed
through the heat in the first round.

now in the second round, the knicks took them to 7 games.
this video begins at start of the 7th game. now the first
thing that really struck the moment home for me was when the
announced mentions how, a knicks win would probably rank as
one of the greatest upsets in the history of the nba.

can you imagine having to play under that pressure? i mean,
these guys had beaten you 3 times alraedy. you're tired,
completely off guard, and now you have to defend against
going down in infamy.

i believe a much greater number of people can be great when
nothing rides on it. i mean pretty obviously, there are no
dire consequences to losing, so why not just air out?

but in this type of situation. the pressure is immense.
and he just kicked ass.

(by the way can i mention the "fatherly advice" thing here
and how it ties in to my previous journal on lebron and how
he never had a strong father figure in his life).

then comes my favorite part:

jordan goes in. makes the shot. gets the steal (crowd is
going bananas by the way), get's IT STOLEN FROM HIM. now
most people would prbably wearily jog after the person and
maybe try a foul. but no. jordan flies down there and
knocks it out of the dude's hands. i mean the crowd is
practically delirious.

i am so envious of the people in taht crowd. what a great
sports moment to experience.

but the absolute best portrayal of why mj is my favorite
sports player is tat this piont. it is during the finals
against the blazers when jordan just starts raining threes
on the blazers.

the best part is at:

when he drains a three and then just shrugs. that kind of
coolness can't be learned. all hail mj.