Cheyenne Flint

Jumbled and Scraps of Thoughts
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2010-07-19 19:52:52 (UTC)

My Heart is cracked

This weekend My heart experienced a couple of cracks. A
couple of more cracks that is...

My husband told me that him and I are not going to be
together. He said his mind was made up and he wanted his
old life back and should not have gotten involved with
someone with kids.

I thought i was going to die, I thought I was really. I
cried and upset my daughter Z. She had to leave the house
because she couldn't take it, seeing me that way.

I feel ashamed.

After my husband walked out and went to get something to
eat he agreed to meet me at the park to talk, we talked.

He wants nobody at the house (my family)unless it's a KIDS
weekend. No drop bys...No visitors any other time.

He wants nobody touching his stuff, nobody going into his
room (man cave) and we won't make it if these rules are not
accepted and respected.

i do try, I have to tell my family not to come over...this
is sad, because that's not me. I realize I am in love
with an INTROVERT...and I'm an EXTROVERT. I don't want to
lose him. I don't think I want to face the world everyday
without him. I rather live in your world than live in
mine without him.

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