My Life As Espi....
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2010-07-19 11:30:36 (UTC)

this is me

hi im espi

im 13

my bday is july 26

my chemical romance is my FAVORITE BAND EVER.!!!! - formspring me (thats
where yew can ask me questions and get tew know me)

i live a wierd crazy life but i manage haha

iCan be really mean and you will find that out if you keep

Music is MY Life.!!!

Celeste= My BEST friend shes like my sister

Aaron=My Guy BEST friend

Evelyn=my other best friend

Danielle=is like my sister shes always there

Emerald=shes amazing and shes my lemur

Andre=hes like my big brother

Alondra= known her since 1st shes another sister of mine

Irvin=my boyfriend3 3.18.10

Corina=my awsome husband /teddy bear hah

Sierra= my crazy friend we have a lisp

Gabi=awsome chick who is very easy tew trust

Sam=awsome dude i met on myspace got tew meet him in
person haha

Chris=emeralds bf and my dino buddie

hmm well thats like my main friends right there so yea

haha hmm theres more buh tew lazy tew put then on here

hmmm well ill get awn when iCan and write about my days
and thoughts haha thats the point in a diary right

well imma do just that haha okayy

byeeeee Espi(: