My Crazy Life
2010-07-18 00:27:49 (UTC)

My life

So I figured that doing this online diary would be better
than my hand hurting from writing. Well it's me Jessica here
along with this crazy but complicated life I have. I need to
get my feelings out...just out somewhere. Well im 22 yrs old
and engaged...well that depends on which day it is. I met my
fiance over 2 yrs. ago at a community college. we had the
same class...and now were always a complete mess. I can say
I was happy then and in love but our honeymoon stage is far
from over with. We live together in an apartment and
currently he is in his 2nd battle with cancer. Things have
been better but not lately. Just yesterday and today I
wanted to break up with him. He asks me why and its like put
all the pieces together. I don't feel he treats me with
respect..he says things with this cocky attitude. He had
embarrassed me in front of my parents on numerous occasions.
I love my parents and even though they have their moments I
never want to dissapoint them. But I feel that I hsve
because I lknow them and I know how my mom feels about this
relationship. A couple months ago my fiance said it was over
and I moved back my old room. Wow was that a taste
of different. No longer was I relying on marty but I was all
by myself. I think that's the scary part bc I would think
who would want to be with me. But now were back together
again.well g2g will write more lata