First Day of My Life
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2010-07-17 20:21:43 (UTC)

How about a sweet story? Part 1

I thought this morning, what would it be like to be in
love? I'm sure it's a nice feeling, isn't that why people
desire it so much. I'm just in high school and have yet to
experience this "glorious" feeling, but I am curious, so I
decided I'm going to try and fall in love. In this
journal, I'll write down all my attempts, or possibly
successes, in falling in love, and maybe I'll eventually
have a better understanding of what the "perfect love" is.

Going to the Gym:
I like to work out, yoga, weights, running, swimming,
anything to keep active, so wouldn't a gym be a good place
to find a guy with common interest?
What I find is a bunch of teenage boys making funny nioses
to emphasize the fact they are working out. When they are
benching all I hear is, URGGGGGGG, WOOO YEAHHHH!!, URGG!,
HELL YEAH!!!! URGGG!!!, are they purposely making
ostentatious sex noises to attract desperate females? So
weight lifting was a no no.
What about running? Not much better, all I found while
running a round the track were old men and women enjoying
a walk. It was adorable though, to still be in love at
that age. I mean by that age I'll most likely have a fat
ass and be going bald, and to have a husband that would
stay with me even if I looked like that, would be the most
wonderful feeling ever. So I decided to run a few more
laps to observe the older couples (stalkerish I know), and
they would say the sweetest things to each other while
holding hands and giving little kisses on the cheek,
GAHH!! SO CUTTE!! I though my heart was going to burst.
But yeah anyways, swimming was even worse. I failed to
realize that guys go to swimming pools to look at girls.
The life guard didn't hide the fact that he enjoyed
staring at boobs. So I just finished my workout and left.
Gym=major failure :(

Well maybe some other place might be better, now that I
think about a gym is a pretty crappy place to fall in love