crappy life
2010-07-17 19:33:37 (UTC)

a special day

i had fun with my birthday today... :)

i started my day with me eating my breakfast which
i rarely do..i was greeted by my family...which by the way
is a nice way to start the day...i went to school with no
one even knowing that it was my birthday..but then again i
don't tell them a lot of things...but unexpectedly my
friends found out and greeted me..the next thing i
know....everyone in class was greeting a happy birthday...

and even though it was my birthday i was not spared
to give my report on our history subject so i did my
reporting and at the end of the report pop up my picture
with my name in it saying happy was really
touching...i really had a great time even though i was busy
all day...

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