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2010-07-17 10:47:14 (UTC)


Well what can i say about myself. I might describe myself
as a typical normal (i guess)teen. My name is Astrid :D...
im 17 years old... next month im going to my senoir year.
I describe myself as a totally friendly, i can be really
nice .. but as nice as i can be .. i can be a really
bitchy person as well... through my teen years i had have
such a rough time growing not econimically but
emotionally.... i have such a disfunctional family,
sometime i love myself.. sometimes i hate my life...
Sometime i feel like i have a double life .. which only i
know.. what else ? aahh english is not my firt language
im actually from honduras ... i actually dont write long
ago .. i used to love to write but other stuff went to my
priorities... I might describe myself as a taugh, proud
person... i actually prefer to live in my own world
sometimes.. i dont tell nobody my problems.... i have
learn in a raugh way that is too hard to find somebody to
trust.. i dont even trust my parents .. they srewed all
the love and trust and admiration i used to have to them
:( heart breaking but i try to stay stong.. my teen
years.. have been just as great as bad...i people might
know me for hard partying... it just relaxes me and party
lets m scape from all my pain..i might be funny ..
vengative .. evil.... theres no day i dont curse it
cursing is like a part of me .. i have actually alot of
friends a give them a happy face.. and hide myself from
them so nobody notices for what i go through.. hits 4:58
a.m i cant sleep as always hopefully i get some sleep!!!!

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