Lost in the Rain
2010-07-16 22:14:35 (UTC)

Remember once you said that you got a boom in your life!

I was afraid of that time but not as much i was sacred.
There is nothing i have think that much big happen on me.
Because my thought wasn’t that deep. But i showed you that i
am going to get a big shock to get you continue
relationship. If that relation were broke that hits i
wouldn’t that much shocked anyway. My soul are not now as
dead one.

Most of the things i have remember that you said it will
take you a month to get recover from boom. I really didn’t
know you that much that i know you still i have you. I just
thought that you have something that you want from me thats
why you are doing things like that.

Do you remember how that boom time end?
I was talking with you whole night long. Once i have nothing
to do and the Fazor Adhan comes from Mosque. I got and idea
that i will pray and ask Allah to make you ok. I went there
without saying you anything. Yes; that morning when no
light have seen in the sky even i went to Mosque and pray to
When i back i saw some offlines from you. You said there, “i
just feel like shit. I feel now that i love you. Please come
back. I feel shit with you.”
Like this there is too many over nights i have been awake
just to talk with you just to be with you. All those days
will come true at leat on heaven. Ther must be some way that
you will understand what my way of feeling and how much i do
loved you. Only Allah knows what you have been in me.