How much for happy
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2010-07-16 00:49:51 (UTC)

Not a good first impression man.....

So Me and I got I meant who drives the city bus have been
talking for a while I work full time monday -friday and
raise a 7 month old. He works Tuesday -Saturday so its
really had to find some alone time. The Good thing is I'm
of on thursday and he goes on break from 11 to 3 so we
planned to go out to lunch today and guess what....we
didnt. Now it wouldnt seem like a big deal but he didnt
even call to let me know that we wasnt going. I mean I got
on his bus yesterday and today and both times he made sure
to remind me that we where going to go out today and then
the day comes and nothing. I have a big problem with people
who say that their going to do something and they dont do
it, thats just always rubbed me the wrong way for as long
as I can remember. So tomorrow I will get on his bus and i
just cant wait to hear what his excuse is and it better be
a good one. I'm really feeling him and I'm just trying to
get to know him a little better thats all. I'm not looking
for a husband lol but he just needs to know next time a
little phone call wouldnt hurt.

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