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2010-07-15 21:36:24 (UTC)

7/11 Monday

-shi came to room 7 then changed to room 12; went to endup
but didn't bring ID; came home and got ID but too late to go
in; went to 7/11, Town motel--bad condition motel; didn't
take $500 he gave me (didn't even take tips)
-bs to bb and spent the night--at least he didn't ask too
much; office around noon;
-rainbow pizza
-took a nap until almost 8pm; Steven wanted a whole night:
dinner at Sushi O Sushi then the same Karaoke bar, refused
to go hotel with him and got him pissed--well, i don't care
-slept the whole day woke up at 5pm stayed in bed until work

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