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2010-07-15 19:13:12 (UTC)


You know that feeling thats somthing missing?
like haveing only one sock?

or one earring?

Like searching up and down the store for that perect
gift...but just cant seem to find it?

Like you finished a puzzle and noticed that the last piece
is no where to be found?

What do you do when you want to find that missing piece?

When you want to fill that empty hole?

Where do you go to find something..If your not even sure
what your looking for?

Do you go to the schools lost and found?

What do you even say when they ask what your looking for?

Do you go to walmart and ask them to point you to the isle
that sells happiness?

What happens when they say theyre all out of stock and
doesnt know when the next shipment will come in?

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