Nick's Journal
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2010-07-15 01:26:31 (UTC)

My House, My Home

the other day, i stepped out of the shower and damn near
stepped on a utility yep, such is the life
when you live in a "fixer-upper". i swear, i want to get
all these projects done but trying to run a law firm on the
side is a bit hard.

either way, it is getting close to done. really i'm still
in disbelief that i own a house in a city. juliann and i
were discussing it this way and that. trying to figure out
if we could afford it and yada, yada, yada.

finally we just decided to set out for it. unbelievably
enough, our first two offers didn't quite work out. the
first was never accepted and the second we decided not to go
with because our inspector told us that there would be
$40,000 worth of foundation repair necessary just to bring
it up to code.

we ended up landing on the house we have now. in the same
neighborhood as the first house we bid on. at first it was
way out of our price range. but as it stayed on the market
the price dropped.

we decided to just go ahaed and make them our low-ball offer
when the price dropped again. they took it so quickly that
i was at once skeptical of the home itself. "wait...why do
you want to get rid of this so quickly?"

well the reason turned out to have nothing to do with the
house itself. you see, it was the grandmother's house, and
unfortunately she was in a hospital at death's door. the
last person you need to explain the problems of probate on
the transfer of real estate is me.

i unerstood that they were looking to sell it before grannie
actually passed on so as to avoid actually ever taking title
to it.

so now here i am. living the american dream. i actually
enjoy the fixer-upper projects. they're quite fun. what i
don't enjoy is how they tend to drag on. i swear, i just
want one day where i step out of the shower and don't run
the threat of impaling myself.

we tore out all the carpet. note on that: if you do tear
out carpet, splurge and get the dust masks with the filters
in them. we did and i swear to god if i took that thing off
for more than a few seconds in a room where we had been
tearing otu carpet my sinuses would explode.

then we would haul shit to the dump. nothing quite makes
you feel more like a man that just throwing shit away. not
only do you have waste. but you have so god damned much of
it, or it is so fucking large, that you need to go out of
your way to put it in your vehicle and drive it to the dump.
you are a man.

the neighborhood itself is nice. not great, but our prior
comparison was literally the suburbs in the city. it's "up
and coming" which apparently means that there are a few drug
dealers around here and there.

there's one guy who wears all red. red bandana, pants,
shirt, hat. i wonder what he does if he doesn't have any
red? does he just not go out? does he wear laundry without
washing it just to make sure he has red on?

well i'll know the neighborhood has gotten better when mr.
red is no longer around. but in general, there are a LOT of
kids around. we are near a playground and there's this
awesome nursery (i know, i know) nearby.

it's the most daunting thing i've ever done. committing to
a mortgage is one of those "road to damascus" moments. but
when things are of that great magnitude you can't really
hope to comprehend it all. you just get in the driver's
seat and try it for yourself.

time will tell what this purchase meant. for now, i'll know
that it's a place to call home.

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