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2010-07-14 22:38:33 (UTC)

7/14 Wed

-got up at 1pm; ate sandwich bb bought;
-got to office at 3pm; shi called and i got emotional
again--mixed feeling--mad and happy--shit shit shit i'm in
love with him and he is not even my type!!! i told him
never to call me again--what if he does!!!--well, that
means he doesn't care--then i should cut him off my life
-got emotional again in office after shi called me--i hate
being like this!!! called him back and told him never to
call me again--but i didn't mean it, and turned out...sigh...
-took a shower at V
-had to ask V to come help me bringing in the pallets Jose
left outside
-my god my god my god, i can't believe what happened last
night--he didn't even want see me and just dropped me like
that! guess he never liked me just wanted to have sex!
stupid me--i shouldn't have put my heart onto a guy/a
customer while so many other good guys around me treating me
much better! i sold myself short and free! now i lost a
good customer and lost tons of $ just b/c i fell for him!
is this karma or what! but still can't believe i've been
treated by a guy like this!

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