Dear Whoever
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2010-07-14 20:25:38 (UTC)

Suzie Platent July 14, 2010, Wednesday

Dear Mystery Reader(s),

Today is certainly one to record, basically because it
will probably be the only entry in this entire diary that
actually sounds like a normal diary entry that a teenager
would write.

After breakfast today, I curled up on the window seat in
my bedroom and started to read a new book that I had just
bought before I left to come here. I was really getting
into it when Aunt Susan came in to inform me that she had
arranged a "playdate" for me with Suzie, Ted's younger
sister, who is my age. Apparntly, we were going to see a
movie at three o clock.

I wasn't really happy about that. I guess that you've
already assumed that I'm not too outgoing. Plus, I was
just planning to laze around and read all day, not have to
shower and do my hair and go out. Aunt Susan told me off
for not being social and left.

So around two I showered and stuff. My hair is auburn
colored, and basically straight, and as usual I couldn't
think of anything to do with it except a basic ponytail.
So there I was at three o clock with Suzie, walking
through the mall to the movie theater.

Suzie Platent is probably the most hyper person I have
ever met. She greeted me with a giant hug (can you imagine
my expression) and the whole "we're bound to be best
friends for life" speech. I guess we'll see how that turns

Even her physical features are hyper. Suzie has super
curly blond hair and one blue eye and one green eye. It's
like she wants to be everywhere at once.

I really have no idea what the movie was about because she
talked and crtiqued and commented the whole thing. It was
actually very funny.

In my opinion, Suzie is very naive about the real world,
which I should have expected, conserding she's had a
fairly cliche life, if you know what I mean. What I really
liked about her was that you could just tell she had a
completely pure heart.

I've never had a best friend. I've had okay friends, but
none of them were that trustable. I hope me and Suzie can
become good friends, even though we are complete oppisites
in everything. It would be pretty convient too, since she
lives next door.

Aunt Susan seems to like her, and I think mom would have

My brain hurts.