2010-07-14 01:38:11 (UTC)

7/13 Tuesday

-played with 2 Steve until 3am and Steven was pissed that i
won't go hotel with him--well, if you were willing to pay
-got home after 4am; talked until 6am; woke up arguing with
bb about $ again
-stayed in bed playing youtube videos and made playlists;
also checked compatibility b/t Cancer scorpio &
monkey horse--got exciting results--i'm so happy--made my
day--shit, i'm really in love with him! i'm already not
taking his $, be carefully not been lied or played!!!
-saw shi coming to room#7 and mami told me he didn't even
ask for me; saw his gf after and got jealous
-after work, still emotional about him, drove all 3 guys to
China and complained to his friends

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