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2010-07-13 22:36:30 (UTC)

Marriage Talk

Taday my mom talk about Teena. I huge talk over this. Mam is
also upset. But i can't say mom anything as all my family
member tells that I never give any pleasure to mom.

But Yaar! Thats my life so I decide what to choose i want to
marry her but mom say mam is her sister and as I suppose mam
as my mom so I cant marry her but yaar as This relation is
not real so I think its write.

Lets see what happen tomorrow.

By the way today I have delivered the Laptop to Teena. Dont
know is she like it or not. But she got a large prob in
starting it as it use my face as detection. That's why She
called that Laptop thinks I am his Mother. Ha Ha Ha

In night I also visit Mc D then back to Home where i watch A-
Team. Now its about 4 o'clock so Bye.