shoot me please
2010-07-13 20:18:05 (UTC)


In order to start writing in my diary, i need to make it
fairly apparent who i am stuck with in my life. under this
is a list of my friends/people and a little summery about
them just so you can get aquainted a little, i mean i
wouldnt want to be rude and not introduce all of you to

- Danielle is my best friend as of last year. i havent
known her for very long but we have grown rather close.
actually, the reason we became friends in the first place
is because of a fat bitch named Jesy, but ill get to her
later. anyway, danielle is tall, brown haired, very thin,
but has a ridiculously dark eyebrows. her eyebrows are
pretty much the first thing you notice when you look at
her. when i first started hanging out with her i was a
good girl. i was in gifted classes, i had friends that
would never do anything out of line, and pretty much, i
had a horribly boring life. the second time i hung out
with danielle was the first time i ever smoked pot. she
kinda changed my life for the better...i think?

- i have known diego since i was in third grade. he was
always in my classes andalways hanging out with my
friends. we never really started actually becoming friends
until two years ago. Diego is ridiculosly tall. i think he
is six foot five. he is Colombian, has afro type hair, and
is one of the most caring people i have ever met. Diego
has the best sense of humor, and no matter what, he is
always the designated driver (subcontiencly, thats
probably why im friends with him). Diego switched schools
freshamn year, so now i see less of him, but it doesnt
matter, when ever we hang out its like we saw each other
the day before.

- ive known spencer since fifth grade, and i didnt like
him then either. hes probably the most dificult person to
describe out of my friends. i stoped being his freind for
a while, but last school year we were in the same class
together, so we pretty much reunited. hes not an ugly
person, bt hes not that handsome either. he is short for
his age, has nappy hair (hes white) he has a lot of achne,
and has absolutly no idea how to talk to girls. we decided
to take a summer class together, developmental phsycology,
and now its like hes obsessed with me. he texts me every
day for hours at a time, and every time i say i have to
go, he whines and bitches like a baby. he always wants to
hang out, and for some insane reason, he always brings up
the topic of his dick. it becoming quite annoying, but
then again he is a friend, and im sure its just a stage
hes going through.

- connie is probably my oldest friend. ive known her since
third grade, and were still close. shes Korean, short, jet
balck hair, and she has two dimples on her right cheek,
and one on her left. i can honestly tell her anything in
the world, and when ever im with her, we laugh until it
hurts. almost ever weekend, we convince each other that we
are going to go walking, but every time we get dressed, we
put on our running shoes, and as soon as we get out, we
find some excuse to go back in and just watch a movie.
this happens every single time.

these are my main friends. i have others, but im not as
close to them.

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