Confessions of madness
2010-07-13 19:35:11 (UTC)

Some facts about me.

These are just some little facts about who i am and whats
1. I have not stopped seeing monsters since i was little.

2.Ive almost been raped about 30ish times.

3.Within the space of 7 years i have lost 9 people

4.Ive been stabbed and shot once each.

5.The first thing i ever really did was pick up a pencil and
draw when i was about 6 months old.

6.I cannot remember a year and a half of my life.

7.I cannot sleep facing the door.

8.I cannot sleep in a room with a chair facing the bed,
unless its the last week of october.

9.I hated myself everyday until i was 16.

10.Everyone sees me as thick, clumsy and pretty dim yet i
have a higher IQ then all of them.

11.I see myself killing people.

12.I hate violence.

13.I haven't seen my natural hair colour since i was 12.

14.I still see and talk to my dead ex-boyfriend.

15.While my classmates wanted to become princesses and vets
i wanted to move to America to be an american trucker.

16.Im scared of my own body.

17.I used to be anorexic.

18.I swear i should be a man.

19.I watch about 4 hours of porn each and everyday.

20.My imagination is so strong it can make me pass out.

21.I want a dragon so bad.

22.I would never dream of having a child while my cat is
still alive as she is my baby.

23.I have a very open mind and never judge people until they
give me something to judge. People are entitled to their own

24.I bottle my anger inside and then suddenly snap.

25.I am one hell of a bitch to deal with in the morning.

26.Im incredibly sarcastic about everything to the point
people don't realise im being sarcastic.

27.I should be a pirate from all the rum i drink.

28.I never drink to get drunk.

29.I wish better for myself.

30.I will protect my friends to the end of the earth.