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My Secert Life
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2010-07-13 09:08:56 (UTC)


k so i kindaa like this guy i cant like :/ i have a boyfriend i no but its that when i
saw him when we meet when we were like 7 or soemthing ya i had a "crush" i
was little i didnt even like boys but he was so cute then we saw each other at a
funural when we were 9 i liked him now i am like 11 and i am toally falling when
i seen him the other day i was sad i coundt be anymore mad i was so mad and
sad but then i seen him and i coundt stop smiling and i was sitting there like an
idot just stareing we kept looking at each otehr liek i no we both were i coundt
un-glue my eye off him i finally had the guts to say hi before i could my mom
and dad said we have to leave like WTF we were just like hh then my perants ruin
it when we were in the car driving home i still cuondt stop smiling but i love
parker he has something specil when i hug parker i dont want to let go when i
see him i cant stop smiling oh yeah i am dating parker even though i said i hate
him i dont i never did i always liked him then you no i aske dhim out he said
yeah it been a month and 3 weeks :) but i kinda a little want to break up with
him cuse i think i am in love with soemone else is it wrong to love soemone ever
since you were 7 like really but i just meet parker so i dont no what to do there
both like really have somethign that i cant get my mind off them but holy shit
leo likes me he wa slike i am such an idot i miss you and i kinda you
no..................l o v e y o u 3 and i was liek really shocked like i no i hug him
alot but all i did was hug him and he got it all wrong in his head he though i like
like liked him but sure he is nice and all but i LOVE parker and soemone its
fricken 2:30 in the morning and i cant stop thing about them so i think i am in
love and hoyl shit my bes friend is dating a total ass but she is gunna find the
hard way so i am gonna laugh at her pain and beat the fuck out of both of em
bitchhhhh fight well i shall write another day and tell you news about parker and
some one i would right the name but i just started making this so people can
read it but what if one of me bitches or hoes reads this..? :O well pcee out