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2010-07-12 20:19:52 (UTC)


I posted a wall post glorifying my bro. Why do I need to do
Why do I need the constant urge to make my cousins feel I'm
great? I just wish to be happy with what I am. When I try to
impress others, I feel weirdly bad. Feel as if I don't think I
'm good enough. I don't want to need approval from others to
know I'm good. I don't want to care about others' thoughts
about me.
Just want to be successful. Others will know by themselves.
I have some important tasks to do today. I'm actively
searching for a job, and I have some calls to make today.
Don't want to get bogged down by the silly things I do. Don't
want to care about others. Just want to be the most successful
girl in my family and my husband's family. Is that possible.
I sooo wish I had someone to talk to about this. If anyone
reading this has any suggestion, please let me know.

I just need to take one step at a time...