Nick's Journal
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2010-07-11 20:45:37 (UTC)

LeBron James

if you don't like or know anything about basketball then
this may be boring to you. but i couldn't help but find
myself over-analyzing the latest lebron james news.

for those of you who don't know who lebron james is well...i
don't know under what rock you're hiding. he's the most
hyped basketball superstar of this decade easily. he's a
beast on the court. he has natural talents that others
would kill for. he was the consensus # 1 pick which meant
that he was going to play for his hometown cleveland

however, after 7 seasons with the cavs, and no nba
championships under his belt there was major concern as to
whether lebron (a free agent after last season ended) would
stay with the cavs or sign somewhere else.

cavalier fans were desperate. seeing their beloved hero
walk off the court defeated yet again probably set the
doubts in motion. the seeds of anxiety had been placed.

fast forward to july 1. the first day of free agency.
speculations and rumors are running wild. lebron will join
the bulls, no the knicks, no the heat! or wait, actually
he's staying with cleveland. you can imagine the tortured
cavs fans.

so finally this past week, lebron was kind enough to have
espn host an hour long interview with him during prime time
to announce his "decision". 27 mins into th program we
found out the news: the miami heat. he was going to join
two other superstars.

i read a lot of bill simmons, i think he and the reader
emails that were sent in analyzed it correctly. but just
for the sake of it, here's my input.

the most interesting reader email was this one that talked
about how the guys with really strong competitive drives
tended to have strong father figures. he lists tiger woods,
michael jordan and tom brady as some examples. lebron was
raised by his mother and throughout the interview he kept on
repeating about how he was doing this for just
be happy.

hell a great contract and the ability to play basketball
with your two best friends? lebron had a choice here, it
was to be hyper-competitive or just have fun. he chose the
latter. i'm suer that winning a championship is in it too
but not to the degree that he made it seem in the interview.

i think that he just wanted to have fun. he didn't care
about the competition. what's more, he knew he'd prbably
get crucified no matter what city he choose if that city's
name wasn't cleveland. why not just go all in and set
yourself up for the next 5 years?

but all that has alreayd been rehashed over and over. the
new thought that i have is that lebron CONSCIOUSLY chose to
relinquish competition in exchange for fun. i don't think
it was an indirect byproduct. i think he wanted to shed the
"jordan" moniker. the need to show up every night to live
up to that name. he consciously gave that up.

it was him, a 25 yr old kid with probably not the best
education and everyone around him too afraid to tell him
know by the way (i can't believe how much the fact that he's
25 gets overlooked in the media. that is YOUNG. shit i was
a moron at age 25, i think the past 3 years have done me
good), waving the white flag and asking us to leave him out
of the jordan conversation. you can talk about lebrno james
mind you...just stop the jordan comparisons.

i think he's incredibly egotistical. i think he wanted a
finality in this next step. those are the two reasons i saw
behind the special. he wanted to be sure he was all in.
what better way to do so than appear in front of millions of

there's an old law that is still used in some states with
regard to marriage. under common law a ceremony was
actually REQUIRED. no hush, hush back door wedding thing.
but a full-blown 3-tiered cake wedding. why? beause the
law didn't trust that people ahd really thought the decision
over enough. having that ceremony in front of all those
peoples puts a bit more meaning on it all.

this special was lebron's ceremony. he made his decision.
we know where he stands. and to be honest with you. i
think he thought the whole thing probably went swimmingly.
i think he'll eventually brush off the calls of betrayal and

he'll be happy. and that's all he ever really wanted anyways.

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