How much for happy
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2010-07-11 00:34:23 (UTC)

So i THINK I meant someone

By think I mean its in that new faze. He's a bus driver for
the city and I get on his bus everyday to go to work. I
always noticed how he would look at me and smiled when i
got on the bus but me being clueless never really paid it
any mind lol. Then about a week ago when i was getting off
the bus to go to work he stopped me and asked me my name
and i told him. So thats when I thought ok he is definitly
being extra friendly then the normal bus driver lol. So
After that instead of going to sit down when I get on the
bus I would stand by him and we would just talk until I go
tto work. We fould out alot about eachother in those 10
minutes to work, thats how easy it is to talk to him. I
gave him my phone number which was the next step and so we
will see how things play out. I havent been on a date in
since i got pregnant and had my daughter who is 7 months
and broke up with her dead beat father. So its been over a
year (I know thats a long time lol) but i havent really
thought about being with anyone until I met him. He's real
easy to talk to and he hasnt tried to move all fast or come
on to me with corny pick up lines or try to get sex out of
me which is amjor plus because I have learned from
experience thats all MOST not ALL guys really want. He
knows that I have a baby and hes fine with that and is
always asking me things about her. So I guess we will just
see how it goes, but I'm hoping it goes good because I'm
really feelin him..... alot ;)