Alex Star Maryanne

My Secert Life
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2010-07-10 21:24:07 (UTC)


Life that has Emotions an actions

Life is a matter Emotions Actions one main emotion Love,Hate to things people
always feel for eachother some common Actons is fighting,Games/Computar in
a way its actions in a way we love in hate evrything life is all about yourself
speaking your mind as much as you can whenever you have a chance life is all
about caring for one and another my life is all about Music it is what can explain
what i cant it brings the smile on my face it hodls me toghter and my family is
there for me and i no that as a fact friends mostly bring my frowns friends give
me hate family gives me love it is strange how i can hold myself toghter even
though my life is a wreck you need sadness in your life though it is fine to cry
even if it is a happy cry or a sad cry everyone dose the the emotion "scared" fear
and fighting yes everyone is scared in a fight if it is even scared to hurt them
even if your scared to hurt your self Scared and love yes its true your scared to
fall for the wrong person your scared to get maried yor scared when your with
that specil soemone you can be happy and scared like i am scared to do this but
i no its the right thing Sad and fear somethings your so scared of your sad i get
that other people might not i am sad and scared when i get needles but thats a
whole new story life is all about fear,friends,family,sad,happy,love everyone i
mean everyone has to care for soemone even if there self as long as they love
something everyone is differnt in ther eown way if it is a bad thing or a good
thing my life is my music and my family and friends