2010-07-10 06:57:38 (UTC)


well i've never been a fan of change tbh but this change
could be spectacular. a chance to make my dreams come true.
this could fate deciding my career. i don't want to get my
hopes high in case they're immensely shattered but go
created me this way and he/she created change for us. im
embracing it of course because its making me so happy, my
nerves are friend but im trying to transfer them into
excitement. its more healthier that way. im not afraid
anymore, not afraid to stand tall and embrace the unique,
odd, amazing me! and not to mention a new change in my
health should make my work (singing) better :) Thank god,
thank my parents, thank the people in my life, they are all
inspirations. *

* inspirations- my life/ who i am today.

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