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2010-07-10 03:03:34 (UTC)

Feeling left out

My parents went out to eat at an expensive hibachi chinese
restaurant with my cousin and her fiance. The one my best
friend works at and I have been wanting to go so bad. I just
feel hurt because they never offer anything like that to
their own daughter. They've even been known to take my
brother who has no job and his also unemployed girlfriend on
outings whether it be to eat, or camping. It all comes back
to me marrying a brasilian. And my husband and I rarely
drink, so my mom would rather have a good time with someone
who does. I have a hard time telling her how I feel so there
is always this awkward feeling between us due to the fact I
can't simply speak up and tell her how much I despise her
drinking. She thinks everything is great, but she doesn't
know how I really feel. and no, everything is not great, I
think it's horrible. And I guess at the expense of not
hurting her feelings, she may never know how I feel. Maybe
one day I just might get mad enough to tell her.