Cheyenne Flint

Jumbled and Scraps of Thoughts
2010-07-09 18:31:37 (UTC)


I'm so tired of people calling me fat, thinking it's
funny. oh sure I laugh ...but it's not funny.

She said my ass scared her, and my dad keeps saying, Hey
there Fatty!

What the F.

It is as if they somehow know that I'm very fustrated
trying to lose weight, like it shows on my face or
something. And so they want to destroy me...whatever I'm
so over people, and I'm not sure why I can't just be mean
and say F you and your stupid fat jokes.

I'm too nice and care too much about people, even when
people don't care about me or my feelings....truly this
world sucks.

I don't know why I stuggle with weight loss, I work out I
eat few calories and not too much Fat. I wanted to just
give up but then I would just get fatter and fatter. The
harder I workout the fatter I seem to that even

Well time to go work out, great.