Diary Of a Wannabe
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2010-07-09 17:57:34 (UTC)

Jelous In The Shadow Of A Fake

Recently my female best friend has been angry at my male
best friend. I thought this was good because she always
chose him over me whenever he was around, but when it was
just me and her apparently i suddently became funny, and
entertaining. I found this quite annoying so i tried
acting like my male best friend. Needless to say it didnt
work at all, infact it got me into lots more trouble.

Both me and my male best friend show up to my female best
friends birthday party at the same time becuase he gave me
a ride. Apparently it is acceptable for my best friend to
be late but not for me because she forgave him within like
10 minutes after arriving and hung it over my head for
practically her whole birthday.

I guess i must have been doing sometihng right or
sometihng because my female best friend started to tal to
me about things that my whipped male best friend did that
were bothing her. I hoped that this would make our
friendship stronger and that she might decide to hang out
with me once in a blue moon. Unfortunatly life isn't that
simple, because as soon as he came guess who was left in
the shadow and could have disappeared. Im sure that
someone would have noticed, but nobody would have cared
enough to try to stp me, or ask what was wrong.Infact one
night we were all having fun and then my male best friend
came down, and while i was left to my corner of the couch
i did get up and leave. Infact i cleaned my friends room
enough so that i could sleep. Nobody asked what i was
doing, or where i was going when i was gone for twenty

i suppose things like this shouldnt bother me, but they do
and i cant explain why. i should be glad for the attention
i do get but im not. Now its summer and my female's friend
from half way acrosse the country is coming for a while
andi know i probably wont see her again until her friend
leaves, and even then im not sure i will want to.