2010-07-09 17:18:42 (UTC)

Special Day!

Dear Diary,

I really had a wonderful night....actually last Monday when
i had my hair rebonded, which i really long for a long time,
i really look forward to the time that my hair was so
straight without any tangles and so soft and silky.
Apparently we had our koinonia tonight and this was held in
Sembawang. When we reach there and everyone saw me, they all
teased me including him, and even notice what i am wearing
since for today i am so girly wearing skirt, actually it was
a dress but i did like a skirt. Everyone was teasing me
maybe that I am in love that's why i had a make over, in
which they didn't know due to only 1 person and that is him.
When our session was done, they all asked me to pray, in
which at first i really didn't want, but here he is, teasing
me and noticing me that the reason why i had my hair
rebonded because i will lead the closing prayer, so everyone
started to tease us, because he was able to notice me.
At least with my simple way of making papansin to him, it
works. Though he will be leaving this Monday to go to the
US, but its just 3 weeks only. I will surely miss him yet
just for the meantime only.
I really thank him for he inspires me a lot without his
knowing.....i just wished and pray that God will really
answer my prayer that he should give him this man whom i
truly LOVE...

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