Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2010-07-09 06:19:57 (UTC)

She was 19, it happens.

I mean, I couldn't really help it, it just sort of happened.
Kind of like falling in love, it just happens, to all kinds
of people. Sometimes things like this just happen. You love
a thing and then you knock it off the table and it breaks
into a million pieces. Oh, how I miss my Sandman limited
edition statuette featuring Death, my pretty gothic princess.

Going through boxes of stuff and tossing them out, sorting
stuff out, and packing down so I can fit it all into the car
should I move sooner, rather than later to montreal. Jan and
I have been ferverently discussing whether we shall or not
be roomies, personally it's easier to move with people you
know, but I'll suck it up otherwise. I found some swanky
places I'd love, so we'll see what happens. Jan wants to
stick to the McGill ghetto, but I prefer outside of
downtown, we'll see if we can meet somewhere in the middle.

Had another interview today at a hotel, that was swanky,
made the woman interviewing me laugh hilariously, but she
didn't hire me on the spot, so I know I didn't get the job
which sucks, but hey, what can you do. In my experience, if
I don't get it right away, I never get it, think of it like
a comedy routine, sometimes you get a standing ovation,
other times you get banana's thrown at your head. Another
interview tomorrow, and another on saturday, and sunday I'll
be working at teh domino's making poor tips, but I'm ok with
that. heh.

I asked out a girl for a coffee date, it would have gone
well if I hadn't been thinking of someone else the entire
time. I feel like I'm in high school again and I have a
crush on a girl who I have no idea even likes me "that way"
and even if she does, if she'd be willing to go out on a
date with me. I know she's worth waiting for, I'm just
concerned if she thinks I may be worth dating. Stupid self
confidence being torn to shreds on a wing and a prayer. I'd
cry if I weren't laughing at my usual oddball low self
esteem with high self confidence dichotomy. I care what
people think. I just try to pretend and convince myself I

ah well, onwards and upwards as they say.