Little Secrets
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2010-07-08 17:55:13 (UTC)

Life's a climb, but the view is great.

Sometimes you have to make decisions in life that are
going to hurt your friends, your family, and yourself.
People will get mad, but you can't stop another person's
emotions. No one can please everyone at once.
Life holds a lot of unexpected events. You never know
what's going to happen, or how something is going to turn
out. Sometimes you have big plans for your future, but
someone always comes along and tries to tell you otherwise.
Why have someone tell you what you can and cannot do with
your future? No one knows your strengths and weaknesses but
yourself. Sometimes that stupid voice in your head tells
you that you can't achieve a dream, and it's hard to
handle. But let that nagging voice be your motivation.
When you're chasing your dreams, there's going to be
mountains that you're going to have to climb. Climbing to
the top of that mountain is going to be one of the hardest
things you are going to have to do in your life. People are
going to tell you that you can't do it, you can't handle
it, and it's pointless to try to do. But once you get to
the top of that mountain, the view is going to be one of
the most beautiful sights you will ever see.
When you're climbing, you have to keep holding your head
high, and letting no one get in the way of you and your
dream. The chances you're going to take, and the struggles
that you're going to come across are going to be torture,
but you can't let them harm you. Prove everyone wrong.
Climb to the top without anyone stopping you. Be level
headed and strong hearted.
Keep that faith in yourself the whole way up. Keeping a
strong faith in yourself will help you the whole way. Be
confident in yourself, and no one will try to change your
opinions. Just promise me one thing when you get to the top
of your mountain..thank God. Praise him as soon as you
achieve your goals. He was the one who helped you get
there. He planned everything out for you and He was the one
who gave you the strength to climb. ♥