Cheyenne Flint

Jumbled and Scraps of Thoughts
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2010-07-08 15:36:47 (UTC)

Can life get any stupider?

Why is my past haunting me? Why when we pulled up to the
hotel on our mini vacation to Philly there was an office
for a one, R.H. Cooper, Inc Mortgage Broker. Why was that
office at my hotel of all the hotels in Philly we picked
that one? What the hell, then why when I get home does
Zahara tell me that over the weekend that she found the
save the date cards I made that were stuck in the back of
some old photo paper for the last 3 years. WHY WHY am I
being haunted, what sign is this?

I thought I destroyed every scrap of memory of that God
Forsaken marriage to that idiot I settled for, I thought i
paid the price in full for using him as a stand in....when
does the misery stop???? I lost my house, my job, and my
good credit....what else do I have to pay?

I want these memories to fade to black. They are driving
me insane. which these days is a very very short trip.

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