Confessions of madness
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2010-07-08 11:10:21 (UTC)

Oh my mother.

Shes so good to me. Today shes given me the gift of running
She woke me up this morning by coming into my bedroom
looking around saying goodbye and that was it. Later on i
come downstairs to an empty house and a note lying on the
kitchen table (with drops of blood on) saying "I love you
all, please take care of each other, mum".
Ive had to call her careworker, the crisis team, her gp and
now the police.
I can't get hold of her phone, i hope i can't get hold of my
dad because hes on his way here and everything is fucked up.
I don't know what to do. I was supposed to be seeing Sixx
again today and watching his band play this evening for the
first time but now im going to have to wait by the phone and
cook for my family.
Thanks mom for letting us know how your feeling.

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