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2010-07-07 17:25:49 (UTC)


I locked myself in the bedroom,
So whats outside can't come in,
I turned the lock and slammed the door,
Screaming absurd words,
Then you yell and curse,
Inevitably this is ending only in one way,
You don't see it and why is that?
Sad your hopes and dreams,
Revolve around my nightmares and conerns,
Everything you want is what I want to lose,
Pathetic little bitch, you can die,

I'm locked in the bedroom,
Your still screaming,
Get the fuck outa there,
Handle this shit and be a man,
But you just don't understand,
My mind won't let me be me,
I'm going threw changes can't you see,
I don't know what im gonna do,
I'm stuck in this little room,
Afraid to leave it, your not getting in it,
No, nope, Never,

This room is my grave,
My grave is my escape,
My escape is gravely hard to take,
These thoughts burn my brain,
The burn stings an image,
Imprinting a scar on my soul,
After all, you know what I know,

Wish there wasn't any pain,
I think i've gone insane,
Somehow im trying to stay sane,
I tilt my head in shame but then,
I raise it back up to look at you mother fucker

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