Random Thoughts From Megg To Izzie
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2010-07-07 14:13:35 (UTC)


Look out this should be a long one, even though it was only
2 days!!


Woke up at 5am monday morning, rushing around getting stuff
together! have to be at school at 7.15 but leaves at 7.30,
hannah text me saying she is going to be 5 minuites late,
but abbie (i never realised this before, i should of she my
bestmate, but she is a worrier, no doubt about it, you will
see why aswell,) but abbie rang hannah loads! when hannah
did turn up and we got to school we were first on the bus
so i dont know what abbie was worrying about! well everyone
is on the coach where they want to sit, music on the ipod
nice and comfy, good coach trip! Joe was meant to be asking
out charmaine on the coach but it didnt happen, he said
asking her out on the mondon eye would be better, when we
finally got to london everyone was like 'ooh, aaah wow!!!'
it was awesome, the bus driver 'alan' was like a little
tour guide, on your left is the walls to buckingham palace,
it was really funny! First Beofre even going to the hotel
we went to the natural history museum, we were there for a
good 4 hours, we split into 3 groups, in my group it was me
abbie courtney jamie josh jas jayde hannah, it was extremly
hot there and was packed full of people! but it was good
there, we went into a shop and an earthquake happened, it
was funny! anyway we had finished our booklet so our group
went outside in the cool for a bit, although it was sunny
and didnt really effect anything, but jamie fund out (a
thing you need to know about me and jamie, we have known
each other since we were toddlers, we are great mates and
on march27th 2010 we got married Haha its not proper
marridge, jsut over facebook), but jamie found out i had an
affair with my good mate josh and divorced me! admititley i
was upset, but its okay because josh proposed to me! of
course i said yes! when the other groups finished we told
them what happened, and me still listening to my ipod,
coincidently these songs were coming on, last christmas i
gave you my heart, and i will always love you, cry me out,
then suddently one of my favourites 'dont want you back
(fuck it) by eamon' came on, and the chorus is; fuck what i
said it dont mean shit now fuck the presants might aswell
throw em out fuck all those kisses they didnt mean jack
fuck you you ho i dont want you back' it was hilarious,
then mrs williams wanted to know the song so i let her
listen to it she laughed it was funny as! then we got on
the coach and headed for the hotel, when we got there
security was high, we thought it would be really posh, was
it hell! we were the only english people there! it was
full of foreigners, and dont get me wrong i got nothing
against that but they were all peados! when we got our
stuff unpacked we went for our 3course meal, nothing
special really, on our table there wasnt enough room for
demi char and chloe so they sat across the way, these
spanish people sat by them aswell, charmaine being herslef
started laughing and playboy boy was looking at her, and
her tits, i came over to tell dem to tell her to quiet down
abit, hannah had chocolate round her mouth and went to sit
by them, this boy stood up with a tissue and wiped her
mouth it was hilarious!! after our meal we went to our
rooms and just chilled, then what personally i couldnt wait
for, time to go to the london eye! we were going in 2 pods
13 in each but in the end we were all together, Joe didnt
ask charmaine out he said i will do it on way home, me and
josh got married up the top(: london is huge i have to
admit, the photo was took of us all aswell i did buy it
with us all in, after that we went to watch a 4D film about
london, it was awesome there was wind and rain and bubbles
everything!! i nabbed the glasses! then we went to a shop,
i brought a blue 'I ♥ LONDON jumper and a keyring, then we
just chilled in london for abit, it was good, on way back
we stopped by E4's udderbelly and on these huge grass
chairs, we also saw the woman and her dog gutarist from
BGT! on the way back to the hotel joe didnt ask out
charmaine, even she was getting annoyed he said at the
hotel and wanted certain people there one of them were me,
we had to be in demis room at 10.30 now after 10 we arent
aloud out of are room for obvious reasons, but that didnt
stop me! i didnt know there door number so i said to court
and abbie im just going to christines to find out demis, i
saw christ on the way so went back to her room to get the
number, because it was pretty creepy zoe said she will walk
be to the stairs because we were on floor3 and demi is on
floor2, on the way there this man looked at us and said
hello, we didnt be mean so said hi back then legged it, we
got to the stairs and a gang me and zoe legged it back to
my room, i didnt want zoe walking back to hers alone and as
abbie was in the shower court said she will come with me so
then we walked back together and abbie will be safe locked
in here, so thats what we did, but then i remembered i had
to be down stairs so me and court went down stairs to find
demi's but got lost! court knew where joes room was so we
went there a man walked past and we got scared so ran into
his and kyles room, kyle not knowing came out of the shower
and was like omg joe there are girls in are room! hilarious
or what! then joe said 11oclock in demis, i was like where
is demis room and he told us, we went there and 11 is when
we had to be there, it was getting pointless now because
char knew joe was asking and joe knew char was saying
yes :/ we had our plan on the way back up to our room- i
had to get my teddy from demi and i did, we were walking
back up stairs and saw the teachers i said got my teddy
miss, and court said demis ipod shall i go give it her, and
miss said she will although the ipod was abbies, ! we had
to ring demi so fast to tell her it was unreal, we got back
to the room explaining situation to abbie, she was all
panicky it realy did suck, then when we said me and court
you can come to if you liike have to go down at 11 she was
like ooh no oh no, then she said meg you can go alone but
im not satying here alone i was like yeah but its safer for
you to be locked here alone then to let me wander alone she
still wouldnt have it, really did bring the vacation
down :/ i rang demis extension number (our own little
phones in the room) and asked to hold up phone but they
wouldnt, our whole floor got pissed off with it! so then
jamie text me saying ring us so i did and they wnated to
come down to us so they did..
plan if we got caught; jamie and josh were scared knocked
on mrs E's dorr no answer came to us for her extension
number then were going.
they wee with us for a good few hours and we played spin
the bottle,
the girls flashed at the window
i licked melted chocolate off abbie
court licked my ear
jamie kssed all girls cheeks
i kissed everybodys cheeks
i went in the bathroom with josh in the dark for josh to
make a sex noise
jamie pulled soap out of my bra
me and court touched tounges
it was a great night! lots of fun
they went back and we went to sleep
once again abbie worried
in the morning we went for breakfast, then if you wanted
you could walk over the millenium bridge, i did so, it was
good, then we went to the barrage, and listend to an old
guy go on and on, then we got on the coach and went home:(
i fell asleep for hour on coach at the begging woke up and
was like wait! we are still in london everyones like yeaah,
we went to the services and every brought a burgerking or
kfc because we were all starving, we got back and me and
kyle walked home, i was really happy for all this buut when
i walked in no one was home, then mum got home and didnt
even say 'you okay, how was london' all she said was lunch
in the fride i was like thanks, i tried telling her today
but she wasnt bothered, thanks for nothing mum, :/ i miss
london and want to go back, x