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2010-07-06 04:38:11 (UTC)

I found the perfect house.!!!!!

On the lighter side of things, I did find the perfect
rental. I drove there last night since I had time from the
ex no show.
The road was like an old quiet Country lane but in the
middle of a modern City.

I spoke to the homeowner and she said I could take a look at
the house and go around back too. All the window shutters
were open so I could see the inside.

The backyard was huge! There was a storage shed, vegetable
garden, a nice willow tree, some rose bushes, a large maple
or oak tree with a deck built around it. I think it was at
least 1/2 an acre in the back. It was beautiful. The side of
a yard has RV parking and the rental looks like it comes
with a small riding mower. Sweet!!!

I could see the family room, kitchen, master bedroom and
dining room from the outside. They were very good sized rooms.

The front actually had a front yard. There was a nice sized
wooden porch out front with a swing on it.

This house is perfect! It's a little more than most but it's
worth it. I already left a voice msg and email telling the
homeowner that I saw enough and would like to rent the place.

I didn't want to sound desperate but I really want this
place. Hope it's not haunted! Now Ijust have to play the
waiting game. Fingers crossed. I hope I get this home. Talk
about coming home to a relaxing place. This is the place.

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