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2010-07-06 04:27:57 (UTC)

Now I'm starting to become a liar

Ex was playing mind games again with me. She said we needed
to talk. I of course know she will be a no show so I asked
her something. I told her is she realized that the last 10
or so appointments I had that was canceled or missed
including work and personal was all from her. I told her if
it was important because I had an appointment with a
homeowner to look at their rental. I told her that she
better not be fucking around with me when I'm house hunting.
This would not be a good thing and she is fucking with the
possible home of the two younger kids. She promised that she

Later, I of course wanted to make sure she would show up. I
texted her an hr before she came and asked that she confirm
that she will be coming. She replied "yes". So I cancel my
other appt. I also wanted to discuss the possible schools
with the Ex anyway to give her the option of having the kids
go to the school district where I may move to. I already did
the research in the schools even before I look at the rentals.

Then to make absolutely sure, I asked that she call me while
she was on her way. She suprisingly did! We talked about
things and I know she didn't want to waste minutes on her
phone. So I asked where she was and she told me. She was
about 15 minutes away. I said ok, we can finish up this
conversation when she got here. We hung up.

1/2 hr later, I get an email. She had to turn around because
her 19 yr old daughter supposedly called and said that our 4
yr old was choking on something and the 19 yr old was scared
and didn't know what to do.

I laughed to myself. This woman is fucking committable. I
mean really truly committable. I replied telling her what
bullshit this was. If our son was choking, the 19yr old
should call 911 or take the child to the hospital. Of
course, there was no reply.

In the outside chance this was true, I told her to call me
when they get to the hospital or call when they are out of
the hospital. I figure since the 4 yr old could wait for his
mom to come home even though she is 45 minutes away, then he
couldn't be choking that bad.

Again, no response. So, I lied too. I told her that it was
good that she didn't show up. It would not be right because
I have started dating someone and it would be inappropriate
for the ex to come by.

Again, I told the ex not to call me anymore and that I have
moved on. I also suggested to her that she shouldn't be
trying to sleep with two men because all it does is hurt her
and make her look bad. I'm sure she didn't listen to my

I'm just a little pissed at myself for becoming a liar too.
Although I know some women may be interested in me, I
haven't gone on a one-on-one date with them yet. It has been
as a group and as friends. Now I'm picking up retarded
traits like my Ex. Great!!! What a role model I can be if
and when the kids are with me.

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