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2010-07-05 10:00:41 (UTC)


I enjoy spending the holiday's with the love of my life. I
am still getting used to the fact that maybe I am not
destined to be a father just yet. I hope and pray with
everything that I am that I never loose the best person in
my life. I am still just really torn up about the whole idea
of the miscarriage. I would step in front of anything if it
meant that Britney would be safe. Her life is so much more
valuable than mine. She honestly means the world to me. I
don't know what I would do without her. Believe me I know she
loves me. I just still don't understand as to why we are not
meant to have a child together just yet. I really hope that
all of the fighting can just end and everyone just get
along. I know that things will work out but I just don't
know when.

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