Confessions of madness
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2010-07-05 09:00:54 (UTC)

Quite a bit later

So i've been busy lately. Mainly with doing shit all.
Im starting to get my life in order. I've made a list of
everything i want to acheive this summer and so far im not
doing too badly i must say.
This last week ive been in band practise with Sixx, and im
on one of their tracks :D
Also been doing alot of artwork and its payed off i think
because my piercer is commissioning me to do him a painting
of his dick and Sixx is getting me to do his tattoo design
so im good :) And my Porn buddy is commissioning me to do
him alot of pieces. So wahay.
The Whale and me are definatly friends again but when she
broke up with her current ex, she got suicidal and this guy
who Sixx hates (because of him getting his girlfriend into
M-cat) got the Whale doing M-cat. Which is pretty fucking
deadly so i told her im fine with her doing it, just don't
do it around me. So on Saturday the day she was ment to come
round she says "Chick im just popping out for half an hour,
i'll be back". An hour and a half later shes still not back
so i got my last bus back without her. Because she knows
where her prioritys lie obviously.